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Oral Extractions

The American Dental Association states that teeth are usually removed due to trauma, infection or crowding. If a tooth cannot be repaired by a filling or crown, an extraction may be recommended. Similarly, wisdom teeth are often removed due to overcrowding.

What to expect at my appointment

Our office can provide both simple and surgical extractions. Extractions always use local anesthesia and desensitizing the area. Most patients are given pain medicine to manage discomfort after the procedure, but it’s normal to feel pressure or soreness. Healing time typically takes 6 weeks and we recommend avoiding heavy lifting or excessive exercise in the days following. Slight bleeding is expected after removing a tooth, but gauze will be placed to help manage. If heavy bleeding continues, contact our office immediately. We do not recommend smoking for two weeks after the procedure so the wound can fully heal. Tobacco can cause dry sockets which are more painful than the original toothache.

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