3 Things to Avoid When Whitening Your Teeth

When you are whitening your teeth, it’s important to look after them correctly and avoid anything that might stain or discolor your teeth for at least two days. Professional teeth whitening can be a great way to achieve the smile of your dreams, under the supervision of an experienced dentist, with long-lasting results. If you are whitening your teeth there are certain things you need to avoid which could jeopardize the process and make your teeth look worse. We take a look at the three main things you should avoid when you are whitening your teeth.

1. Smoking

We all know smoking can damage teeth, but it can also negatively affect your tooth whitening procedure. After your whitening treatment, the tooth will absorb nicotine and tar quicker, so it can discolor them again, and to an even worse extent. It’s also important to avoid smoking if you are doing an at-home whitening kit. Try and avoid smoking for 2 days after teeth whitening and brush your teeth after smoking for a few days.

2. Red Wine

Whitening Your Teeth

Because the tooth whitening process makes the teeth more susceptible to stains temporarily, liquids that stain the teeth should be avoided. Red wine stains can be difficult to remove from almost any surface so stay away during your whitening treatment. If you have stains on your teeth from drinking red wine, a professional whitening treatment can be highly effective if you avoid it for a few days.

3. Dark Drinks

In general, dark drinks such as coffee, tea, or cola can stain teeth and cause discoloration. The bleaching agents used in tooth whitening make the tooth enamel more porous so they are more vulnerable to staining than usual. If you are wondering what happens if you drink black coffee after teeth whitening, you should wait at least two days and try and brush your teeth afterwards in the early days of the treatment. You may compromise the treatment if you risk staining your teeth with dark drinks so try and find an alternative for the duration of the whitening process.

Taking Care of Your Teeth After Whitening

It’s incredibly important to look after your teeth properly after a whitening appointment to ensure great results. If you’re investing in a brighter, whiter smile you don’t want to end up making your teeth look worse just by having a cup of coffee. With home whitening treatments you should avoid dark food and drinks for at least an hour. You can also drink through a straw to reduce the contact with your teeth. You may find your teeth are more sensitive after the whitening process so avoid highly acidic food which could cause discomfort too.

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