A COVID-19 Message From Dr. Frese

As I am sitting here in my empty office writing this, I am unable to do the job that I love because I face the same temporary closure that all other dentists are facing. This uninvited challenge is one of those opportunities that come to us in disguise. I realize how grateful I am for a job that I enjoy doing. While I know that nobody enjoys going to the dentist, it seems to be a necessary service since we can all agree we like to eat and smile. Not being able to do the physical act of dentistry make me realize I miss it. Not only do I miss the dentistry, but I also miss the patients, I miss working with my awesome team. I miss going to work and feeling like we are fixing things in the world, even if they are as small as a tooth. It has also made me grateful for my family, which I am spending more time with, and for a house that I am now pretty much confined too. I am thankful for the good health that we have most of the time and probably take for granted.

I also have hope that we will one day be able to go back to a more normal life. Yes, normal might look different than it did before, and our professions and our lives will be forever changed. But I am confident that we will adapt. At Iron City Dentistry, we will continue to provide high-quality dentistry in a safe and welcoming environment. Until we can do that from our families to yours, we hope that you will stay safe, and ask yourself what you are grateful for during this season.