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Our Basic Dental Health Services

Tooth Fillings

tooth fillings

A tooth filling restores teeth damaged by decay back to its normal look and feel. In more severe cases, patients may feel distortion or discomfort from the affected tooth. By cleaning out the decay and filling with a tooth-colored resin material, the tooth will regain the structure lost to decay while avoiding further damage.

what to expect

Dental fillings can be done quickly and painlessly if treated immediately. Our office can complete your filling on the same day and you can return to eating and drinking as soon as the numbness subsides. We use a tooth-colored resin material that matches the look and feel of your teeth. Not all cavities will hurt initially so regular dental appointments are recommended to avoid further rotting and to have the tooth filled as soon as possible. Baby teeth need the same attention to insure proper space for the permanent teeth to grow.

Composite Filling (Anterior)

This video shows you how a composite filling can be used to restore a damaged front tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

Dental Sealants

dental sealants

A dental sealant is a thin coating that is brushed onto the surface of teeth to prevent tooth decay. Most patients who require sealants have natural grooves in their teeth that cannot be properly cleaned by normal brushing.

what to expect

Applying sealant can be done quickly and painlessly and most appointments can be done in under an hour. We recommend that patients avoid sticky foods and candies after having sealant applied to ensure longevity.

Dental Deep Cleaning

dental deep cleaning

Regular dental cleanings focus on cleaning above the gum line. Deep cleaning treatments go under the gum line to remove the infection. An oral exam will determine if there is an infection caused by gum disease. If the infection is ignored, patients are at risk for tooth loss, stroke, and heart attacks.

what to expect

A deep cleaning appointment takes slightly longer than normal cleanings, but with the help of numbing gel, can be completely painless. We recommend immediate attention and follow-up appointments every 3 months to ensure the bacteria does not reproduce.

Dental X-Rays

dental x-rays

X-rays allow us to see issues that are not surface level. Most X-rays are preventative and can be done during normal cleaning appointments, only needing updating annually. Our office uses digital radiography which uses up to 70% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Paired with computer monitoring, we are able to enhance images for more accurate diagnoses. X-rays are highly recommended to ensure that all issues are detected and treated. If you choose to decline an X-ray, a waiver must be signed.

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