About Clear Aligner Therapy

Keep Your Smile And Gain New Confidence!

We can help you straighten your teeth using a clear aligner system as an alternative to braces. Clear aligners are transparent devices that fit over your teeth and are worn for at least 22 hours each day.

Aligners Are Created In A Series Of Regularly Scheduled Visits

Clear aligners are molded to nudge your teeth into a better position to improve your smile. They are not braces in the traditional sense, although they do function like removable braces.

When you use clear aligners, you have impressions of your teeth taken at the beginning, and new trays are made digitally to adjust your teeth in incremental visits, typically every two weeks.

It is easier to eat with clear aligners over traditional braces because you can remove them, for up to 2 hours a day. This allows you to enjoy your coffee or red wine, without staining your aligners.


When Are Traditional Braces More Appropriate?

Clear aligners are not for everyone, and your dentist can determine if they are right for you. Iron City Dentistry offers clear aligner therapy along with other dental and cosmetic services.

Find Out If Clear Aligner Therapy Is Right For You!

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