Could Your Diet Be Harming Your Teeth?

Every day, we eat and drink. These foods and beverages supply the necessary nutrients that the body needs to perform maximally. Without such nutrients, the body becomes weak and loses the ability to perform some functions. So, food and drink are vital to human existence. But what makes up your diet? What are you eating and drinking?

These days, most of our foods are processed and filled with sugars – from soda to fruit drinks, snacks, and canned foods. We enjoy these fast foods, but do we ever consider what having it in our diet might be doing to us?


Stay away from sweets

Candies, cake, and cookies are especially bad for your teeth. Most sodas, juices, and energy drinks are also very high in sugar can be problematic. Finding healthier and natural replacements without a very high sugar content can be hard, but we recommend always sticking to water and healthy fruits for your diet!

“Non-stick” Foods

Raisins, molasses, honey, and many other sticky foods are clinging on to the surface of your teeth and causing dental damage. The best thing that you can do is to try and replace them with healthier and non-sticky alternatives. Yes, it can be almost impossible to achieve the results you want with their replacements, but protecting your pearly whites is totally worth it!

Acidic foods

Anything acidic is obviously not the best for your teeth. Foods such as pickles, coffee, cranberries, wine, and grapefruits can wear your enamel away when you consume too much or without water. Try eating acidic foods alongside foods that have a higher pH level such as nuts, cheese, eggs, vegetables, and brown rice.