3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth!

Getting your child to brush their teeth can take some creativity. So here are three fun and easy ways you can get your kiddo excited about brushing!

1. Start a simple, fun routine (and stick with it)

There are always “those days” when it may feel easier to allow your child to skip their brushing routine. But stick with it! The more you routinely prioritize your kiddo’s routine on the off-days, the easier it will be for that routine to become second nature!


2. Use music, videos, and other apps

Making brushing an entertaining activity instead of a chore may be the key to success for you and your kiddo! Below are a few resources you can use to entertain and encourage your little one during their morning and nighttime brushing routine.

  • Chompers is a great podcast for kids ages 3-7 who need a little fun during their tooth brushing routine!
  • Youtube is rich with resources to get your little one excited about and interested in caring for their teeth! Click here for a fun, kid-friendly tooth-brushing video that your child is sure to love!

3. Create rewards for great brushing habits!

Help your kiddo get excited about something mundane. You know what will motivate your child. Use that to your advantage!

Does your little like to read? Let him pick an extra story for bedtime each night that he brushes for a full two minutes.

Does your child appreciate verbal affirmation more than anything? Have her show you her freshly brushed smile and then tell her how proud you are! Simple things like this can be game-changers for your child’s perspective on brushing!

Need more handy tips as you teach your child about healthy dental habits?  Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff today!