How Anxiety-Free Dentistry Can Work For You


If you’ve still been putting off your dental appointment because you’re worried about potential pain, at Iron City Dentistry, we offer a pain-free dentistry service called sedation dentistry. You might call it nappy-nap dentistry. Our highly trained staff understands that you might be a little nervous, so we give you stuff that helps you go to sleepy sleep, so you can rest while we improve your smile. Sedation dentistry can be far more relaxing and painless for those who struggle with nerves around procedures, and our highly trained team has come a long way in bypassing this fear with innovations that help you relax.

How does sedation dentistry work?

After a thorough medical history review, we prescribe appropriate medications for you to take one hour before your dental appointment. You will need a driver since you will be sedated and cannot drive to or from your appointment. Once you are here we will seat you in the chair and give you nitrous gas. At this time most of our patients drift off and find themselves snoozing through their dental work. If fear has kept you away from the dentist now might be a time to get started with the help of sedation dentistry.

For some people, fear of the dentist is real, even though dental care today is pain-free, pleasant, and requires fewer visits. We have come a long way in bypassing this fear with innovation.

Call us today to book a dental appointment that you don’t have to worry about.