How Does Laser Whitening Work?

How Does Laser Whitening Work? Did you know that 55% of people believe that pearly white teeth can be achieved at home? Although it is true that there are safe at-home teeth whitening options, they might not be the right solution for you.

One excellent option is to go to your dentist for in-office teeth whitening. Laser whitening is a method becoming more sought out. This revolutionary whitening procedure can break down tough stains while being carefully monitored by your dentist. Keep reading to learn more about laser whitening and how it works.

What Is Laser Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is one of the more popular whitening options today. This cosmetic dentistry procedure adds the use of a laser to in-office teeth whitening.

The laser whitening process involves placing a concentrated whitening gel on your teeth and using a diode laser to heat up the gel. This helps whiten your teeth quickly and removed stains caused by smoking, tea, coffee, etc.

Laser Whitening

How Does Laser Whitening Work?

Iron City Dentistry offers three methods of teeth whitening, including laser whitening. Laser whitening provides better results than over-the-counter products. A whitening gel is applied in a thin layer to your teeth. The teeth are exposed to the laser for 30 seconds eight times. Fresh whitening gel is reapplied once to the teeth in the middle of the procedure.

Before opting for laser whitening, it’s recommended to schedule an appointment to see if your teeth are healthy enough for whitening services. Iron City Dentistry can help you identify the whitening option that fits your needs.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

There are different benefits of using teeth whitening lasers compared to other teeth whitening methods. The advantages include:

Uniform Teeth Color

Whitening teeth with a laser removes deep stains without touching the enamel in your teeth. This means you don’t have to worry about damage to your teeth or gums. The concentrated beam of light will fade dark spots. The whitening your teeth will provide a uniform look to your teeth.

Improved Tooth Structure Appearance

Laser treatments not only last longer than other teeth whitening methods like over-the-counter products, but they also lead to less darkness around the gum line. The improved tooth structure results in a healthier-looking color across the surfaces of your teeth.

Better Results in Less Time

Laser teeth whitening is effective in improving the white appearance of your teeth. You are likely to see results after one session. To experience the desired effect, you might need additional sessions. It’s best to have this procedure performed within eight weeks of your last dental checkup and cleaning to experience the best results. You can also opt for touch-ups after several months to maintain the initial results.

Prepare for Laser Teeth Whitening

The best way to prepare for laser whitening is to have your teeth cleaned professionally before your whitening appointment. Opt for a consultation from your dentist to get the full preparation steps.

If you want quality dentistry services, book an appointment with us or visit our offices to have your teeth whitened for a more beautiful smile!