How Sedation Dentistry Works

How Sedation Dentistry Works: In America, between 9% and 20% of adults refuse to go to the dentist due to extreme fear and anxiety. 

If you’re someone who fears the potential pain of dentistry procedures, there’s no need to worry. Trust the magic and scientific technology of sedation dentistry. 

Keep reading the guide below to discover more about how dental sedation works. 

What is Dental Sedation? 

Dental sedation allows the patient to have an anxiety-free dentist visit during a procedure. The sedation does not put you fully under, but it does leave you feeling relaxed and less aware of what’s going on. 

You’ll be much less sensitive to pain, and some people even experience a type of amnesia. Don’t let this scare you because your certified sedation dentist and their team will be there to care for you the entire time. 

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Types of Dental Sedation

There are several types of dental sedation. Chat with your dentist about their available methods. 

IV Sedation

IV sedation is straightforward! Your dentist will insert an IV into your arm while monitoring your vitals as the sedation administers to your body. 

A few minutes after the insertion of the IV, you’ll start feeling sleepy and relaxed. This relaxation will deepen as your dentist starts the procedure. 

Oral Tablet

Needles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so your dentist might instead give you a small tablet to take by mouth. It usually takes about an hour for oral medicine to kick in. 

Oral medicine will most likely make you feel groggy and sleepy, and you might even fall asleep. But your dentist can easily wake you with a tap on the shoulder. 

Laughing Gas

Many dentists use nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, to ease a patient’s nerves. 

If this is the route you go, all you’ll do is place a breathing mask on your face and take a few deep breaths. You’ll feel its effects in about 5 minutes. 

Your dentist will monitor how much you receive, making sure not to give you too much or too little. 

Preparing for Dental Sedation

For procedure preparation, most offices require patients to come in for an initial consultation appointment. They’ll use this appointment to explain your procedure, take your vitals, and chat about any current medications you’re on. 

They’ll then use this information to create a patient plan for your procedure day. And, oh, don’t forget to find a driver to bring you to and from your appointment. 

What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist is anxiety-inducing for many people. Luckily, sedation dentistry exists and can calm the nerves of almost anyone. 

Don’t hesitate to express any questions or concerns to your dentist when planning your procedure. Part of their job is to help you feel comfortable during your visit. 

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