How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

How Smoking Affects Your Teeth: Smoking can cause multiple health problems including coronary heart disease, lung cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. But did you know smoke is also bad for your teeth? Unfortunately, smokers tend to brush off the small messages their body sends to them to quit your smokes until it’s too late to change. Oral problems smokers tend to have include:

How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Smoking is like burning down that gate.

Whenever we put something in our mouth, we are either exposing ourselves to something harmful or something helpful. It should go without saying that smoking fits in the “harmful” category. It wreaks havoc on a smoker’s mouth and body, breaking down its natural defenses like saliva and enamel. In fact, according to Dental Health Services Victoria, “Nicotine also affects the way your immune system fights infections. This means that smoke also makes your recovery from many dental procedures much slower.”

If you want to keep all of your teeth and enjoy a healthier life, take steps today to break your smokes habit. There are so many resources out there available to you, and most people who have successfully quit are willing to offer support and encouragement as well.

Still skeptical that smoking is bad for your health? We encourage you to check out these stories from former smokers and talk to your doctor for guidance to help you quit smoking. Giving up smoking may not be easy, but it’s an investment in your health that only YOU can make.