Is It Okay to Brush Your Teeth in the Shower?

There are two types of people in the world: those that brush their teeth in the shower and those that brush their teeth at the sink. Both swear by their methods, but is one choice better than the other?


Brushing your teeth in the shower exposes your teeth to more bacteria than brushing at the sink.

Because your bath is rarely dry, especially if you share a bathroom with roommates, it’s a constant breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This makes it a less-than-ideal place to brush your teeth.

When you brush at the sink, you can brush, rinse, and your teeth are clean. Whereas in the shower, once you brush and rinse, your teeth are susceptible to picking up other bacteria in the air that you or someone else has washed off their body. Not to mention whenever you spit, you are ridding your mouth of bacteria while simultaneously stepping in it. Gross, right?

Brushing your teeth in the tub is a waste of water.

Besides being unsanitary, brushing your teeth in the shower is also wasteful, because you use more water when you brush in the shower than when you brush at the sink. After all, no one wants to turn the water off after working so diligently to get the temperature perfect!

Having an efficient morning/evening routine is a great goal to have, but not at the expense of your oral hygiene. We recommend you stick to brushing your teeth at a sink and not in the shower!