No Insurance? No Problem!

Our in-house dental plan might be the financial solution you’ve been looking for!

How It Works

After payment of an annual fee, members of our In-House Dental Benefits Plan will receive all of the following:

  • Regular dental checkups
  • Regular cleanings
  • Unlimited emergency visits
  • Discounts off customary fees for necessary dental work

We will provide coverage via this plan for one calendar year. Coverage begins as soon as the yearly fee is paid in full. We will contact members one month prior to their yearly renewal.

Appointment times are limited. It is the responsibility of the members to schedule the appropriate visits for their needs.


One adult – $249.00 per year.

One couple – $449.00 per year.

One child – $159.00 per year.

No Waiting Periods / No Claim Forms / No Restrictions on

Treatment / No Pre-Determinations Necessary / No Age Limitations


If you’ve been looking for quality dental care but have no insurance, contact us today to see if our In-House Dental Benefits Plan is right for you!