Are You Ready for Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you’ve tried home whitening kits, whitening toothpaste, or regular brushing and cleaning and your teeth just aren’t getting any whiter, it might be time to consider professional teeth whitening. A bright, dazzling smile can work wonders for your confidence and dental whitening sessions can have dramatic immediate results. There are a number of different professional teeth whitening options available so it’s important to talk to an expert about the smile you want. We take a look at the different types of teeth whitening, which might be best for you, and how to prepare for a teeth whitening appointment.

Before Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

It’s important to schedule an appointment with a dental professional before your whitening treatment to discuss which option is best and how white you want your teeth to be. Your teeth need to be healthy before they are whitened so make sure you book a professional clean and check-up. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective and it’s a great way to get immediate results, under the supervision of an experienced dentist.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Our Professional Teeth Whitening Services

At Iron City Dentistry, we offer a range of professional teeth whitening services and our experienced dentist can advise you on what is the best option for you. We will use a shade chart to gauge your current level of tooth whiteness and then we will discuss how many shades lighter it is possible to be based on your teeth. We might also remove any plaque and polish.

Most professional teeth whitening treatments use special whitening agents which your dentist will apply and leave for up to an hour. We usually use a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel which we can carefully apply to certain areas, avoiding the gums. We can then use heat or light to speed up the process too where the light is applied using a lamp or laser while you wait. Afterward, your mouth will be rinsed and we’ll tell you how to look after your freshly whitened teeth.

What Type of Teeth Whitening Is Best?

The best type of teeth whitening depends on each patient and what results they are looking for. An all-white gleaming smile might be several appointments away but our cosmetic dental services are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable with your smile.

One-off touch-up appointments can be great for a quick whitening session before a special event like a wedding or graduation, whilst take-home whitening trays can be a better long-term solution for some patients. If you have certain stains on certain teeth, we may be able to address the exact issue in your dental appointment using polishing tools to remove plaque.

Whether you want your teeth a few shades lighter or a dramatic white smile, we can find the perfect whitening solution for you. Book an appointment!