5 Surprising Ways Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Benefit Your Oral Health

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is gaining popularity in dental offices nationwide as a simple, non-invasive treatment to stop tooth decay and help promote oral health. Many patients are still unfamiliar with SDF and how it works, even though the FDA approved it for treating tooth sensitivity over a decade ago. Here, we’ll explore 5 of the most surprising benefits of silver diamine fluoride for oral health and dental care.

1. Preserves Tooth Structure

Silver Diamine Fluoride

One major advantage of SDF is that it can stop active decay without removing any tooth structure. Traditional cavity fillings require drilling to access and clear out decayed portions of the tooth before placing a restorative material. The SDF solution is brushed onto areas of decay to halt the process and harden tooth structure. This minimally invasive application preserves more of the natural tooth, so there is less need for a filling or crown down the road.

2. Effective for Decay in Hard-to-Reach Areas

Reaching some areas of decay can be difficult or require extensive work if located between teeth or under existing dental restorations. The simple and non-invasive brush-on technique with SDF makes it much easier to access these tricky areas. Dentists use a small applicator to flow the liquid solution into narrow spaces, minimizing additional drilling or damage to surrounding healthy tooth structures to access decay.

3. Fewer Repeat Dental Procedures

Rather than temporarily masking symptoms like sensitivity or pain, SDF actively stops tooth decay to prevent more extensive procedures later. The treated decay hardens and is less likely to spread, so teeth require fewer revisits for reapplication, new fillings, root canals, or crowns over time. By halting decay early, SDF helps stabilize teeth for improved long-term outcomes.

4. Safe for Children or Special Needs Patients

The quick and painless SDF application is well tolerated by children, elderly patients, or those with disabilities who often require extra care. There is no need to numb the treated area for most patients, although some minimal sensitivity or temporary staining of decayed areas may occur. Overall, SDF is a convenient way to stop decay in vulnerable populations without invasive methods requiring sedation or advanced cooperation.

5. Extremely Affordable Cost

The low cost of silver diamine fluoride makes it practical for patients with no dental insurance or limited budgets. Charges are often based on the number of teeth treated rather than flat rates. And because it stops decay quickly in one non-invasive visit, SDF is more affordable than paying the compounding costs of fillings, crowns, root canals, or extractions needed after untreated decay worsens. The early intervention promises significant long-term dental savings.

Research continues to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of silver diamine fluoride for controlling and preventing tooth decay as part of an ongoing prevention-focused treatment plan with your dentist. While SDF may not replace traditional fillings and dental restoration methods completely in the near future, it is an excellent supplemental therapy to support better oral health with benefits that might surprise you.

Ready to Experience the Benefits?

Silver diamine fluoride is an innovative therapy that more dentists are relying on to boost oral health outcomes for patients of all ages and needs. While there is still more research to uncover the complete potential benefits, it is clear SDF can significantly control tooth decay and limit invasive procedures when incorporated into a comprehensive prevention plan. 

If you have active decay or are prone to cavities, talk to your dentist at Iron City Dentistry about whether silver diamine fluoride treatment could help you, too. We offer affordable SDF therapy as part of our approach to stop small problems today to avoid complex dental issues tomorrow.

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