The Best Place to Store Your Toothbrush

Where to Store Your Toothbrush

Best Place to Store Your Toothbrush: Considering a single mouth can contain more than 6 million bacteria, it’s smart to store your toothbrush somewhere sanitary! After all, only a clean toothbrush can clean your mouth. Here are some fresh tips for how to store your toothbrush in a germ-free way.

Best Place to Store Your Toothbrush

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

After you’ve brushed your teeth, it’s a good idea to rinse your brush thoroughly and give it a gentle tap on the side of the sink. Rinsing your brush washes away food and toothpaste out of the bristles, and tapping it shakes the water off the brush so that it can dry properly.

Maintain airflow

Contrary to what some experts may tell you, storing your toothbrush in a plastic case or plastic bag is not a good idea. Germs thrive in a moist environment, so keeping your toothbrush sealed in an enclosed space only makes your toothbrush the perfect place for bacteria to multiply. Instead, keep your toothbrush stored in a cup or a holder where your brush can air out and dry quickly.

Bristles up!

Don’t put your toothbrush bristles-first into a cup for storage. Again, this only promotes the growth of germs and bacteria! Store your brush bristle-side up, so that excess water and bacteria can drain away from the bristles. Remember, a dry toothbrush is a happy toothbrush!