The Newest Alternative to Dentures!

The Newest Alternative to Dentures! Dentures have around since as early as 700 BC, but a recent trend has emerged that is changing the way people think about how to replace missing teeth: implants. So what are implants and their benefits? Keep reading to find out!
Alternative to Dentures

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are fast becoming the new standard for long-term dental treatment of tooth-loss. They include a titanium rod, anchored in the jaw or skull, on which a small device is placed as the foundation for a crown. Crowns are custom-made to match existing teeth.

What are their benefits?

A large majority of Americans will lose a minimum of one adult tooth in their lifetime. Though this is often treated as a cosmetic issue, the loss of a tooth can cause a variety of issues.

Some of the issues associated with tooth loss are bone weakness in the jaw and skull, difficulty eating, gum disease, tooth decay, and difficulty speaking.

While dentures address a number of these issues, they aren’t often able to prevent all of them. Dental implants provide long-lasting solutions while still renewing your natural smile.

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