The Truth About Sugar Addictions

Facts and signs you should know about sugar addiction, and why it really matters.

Can I really get addicted to sugar?

The short answer is yes, but here’s why. Though our brain needs sugar (glucose) to function properly, sugar in high quantities alters your brain chemistry the same way that alcohol and drugs do. This can cause you to feel a need for sugar on a more and more consistent basis. Eventually, you may even have a difficult time functioning without it.

Symptoms of sugar addiction


Some obvious, some subtle, but all worth knowing to promote your dental health!

  • You crave comfort foods in the evening
  • You consume large amounts of soda throughout the day – diet soda is often even worse!
  • You tend to make excuses – “it’s organic!” for example
  • Sugar is your most common reward after a workout, completed task, etc.
  • You’ve already attempted to break your sugar habit, and it didn’t work
  • You consume large amounts of sugary food when alone

Breaking a Sugar Addiction

If you think you may be addicted to sugar, it’s time to take control of your cravings. Here are some handy tips to help you along the way as you break your sugar addiction and protect your dental health!

Give your body what it’s actually craving

Check out the article what to eat when craving sugar This is a great way to begin learning what your body really needs when it’s “craving.”

Cut back on alcohol

Alcoholic drinks often contain sugar, and consuming sugar leads to a greater desire for sugar! Also, when you’ve had a bit too much to drink, you’re more likely to make poor choices regarding the food and drink you consume.

Clean out the pantry

At home is where you’re most likely to give in to those late-night cravings, so remove all the temptations you can! Consider giving away what you don’t need to have around while you kick your addiction. Some items to add to your list could be: fruit snacks, cookies, sodas, candies & chocolates, and cereals with added sugar in them.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of sugar addiction and have not had a dental checkup in some time, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and skilled dental staff!