These 4 Things Wreak Havoc On Your Gums

These 4 Things Wreak Havoc On Your Gums: Gum health is known to be directly connected to general health. Check out this short list of things you can avoid to keep your gums healthy!

Ice Cream

We all know sweets aren’t exactly the best for our teeth. But did you know ice cream can be one of the worst sweet treats for gum health? Added sugars trigger the growth of eroding acids in your mouth and on your gums. But ice cream combines added sugar with cold temperatures. Cold and heat are not so great for already compromised gums. This combination causes uncomfortable and unhealthy wear and tear on your gums.

Wreak Havoc On Your Gums

Energy Drinks

In a study done on the health dangers posed by acidic beverages, experts found that energy drinks are the second most erosive beverage besides sports drinks. Energy drinks were also found to be the most acidic out of all drinks. This level of acidity can cause mouth dryness as well, reducing your saliva’s natural ability to wash away plaque and reintroduce healthy minerals into your gums.


You wouldn’t expect a food as healthy as tomatoes to be on this list, but their level of acidity is known for causing gum decay. We aren’t saying you should stop eating tomatoes altogether. But when you consume tomatoes, just be sure to also eat an acid-neutralizing food like mozzarella cheese or lentils!


Foods high in starch are generally as bad for your gums as candy, and white bread is definitely on the starchy food list. The simple carbohydrates in white bread linger in your mouth and become sugars that irritate and decay your gums.

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