This Is Not Your Parent’s Dentistry?

Dentistry is almost a different profession than it was a generation ago and has revolutionized our patients’ entire experience. Think about it: dental impressions with “gooey stuff” have been replaced with digital scanning devices.

Same Day Smiles

Dental implants (tooth replacements) are a more permanent option than dentures. X- rays emit less radiation with better imaging. And crowns can literally be designed and 3D-printed (milled) in under 2 hours, rather than 2 weeks at a lab.

Pain-Free Dentistry

Our latest innovation at Iron City Dentistry is called sedation dentistry and allows you to take a nappy nap while we take care of your teeth. It’s exciting because we know these innovations make our patients more comfortable, and the days where dentistry is associated with fear and discomfort are now behind us.

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