Things You Need to Know Before Getting Clear Aligners

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Clear Aligners: Misaligned teeth are a common problem and can be a source of worry for many as it undermines their self-esteem. Although braces have traditionally been the most straightforward answer to this issue, they make many individuals feel even more self-conscious. This is the main reason for the surge in popularity of clear aligners treatments.

This option is not only effective at straightening teeth without causing much discomfort, but it also uses clear plastic orthodontic aligners, so it’s not as obvious as traditional metal braces. However, you must be fully informed about the treatment before opting for it. So, here are the main things to keep in mind.

Remove Them While Eating

Unlike braces, clear aligners are a fantastic option for foodies. The only restriction for wearers is that you must remove them while eating to keep them clean. Furthermore, eating while wearing aligners might cause them to break, fracture, or bend, negatively affecting their efficacy.

Clean Them Regularly

Keeping the aligners as clean as possible is essential for retaining their crystal-clear look. However, avoid using toothpaste as it contains abrasive elements that might corrode the aligners, giving them a yellow and cloudy appearance. Instead, your dentist will give you a gentle aligner cleanser.

Clear Aligners

Speech Adjustment

One of the disadvantages of clear aligners is that they might impact how you talk, often referred to as a minor lisp. However, there is usually nothing to worry about as this is just a natural response to having foreign elements in the mouth, as people with braces also experience this issue. On the positive, this feeling is usually only temporary, and your mouth will adapt to the new routine after a few days.

The Aligners Might Have Some Attachments

Sometimes, dentists may affix attachments to the aligners. These attachments are called buttons and are necessary for a fast and successful restoration process. They are also invisible, so there is no cause for alarm or concern. However, you need to talk to your dentist, who will help explain to you whether you need the buttons or not.

Treatment Lengths Vary

Before you begin this treatment, ensure you find out the procedure’s duration. On average, it takes up to one year for the treatment to succeed, although two factors greatly influence this duration:

  • Your teeth’s condition.
  • The amount of treatment that your teeth require.

For instance, the duration for restoring the condition for slightly misaligned teeth might last just a few months. On the other hand, teeth that need more movement to create an esthetic outcome require a longer treatment time.

Follow up Treatment Might Be Necessary

Wearing aligners is not the sole component of orthodontic therapy. You may need to wear a retainer after successful treatment with the clear aligners as a post-treatment refining approach. The retainer assures that your teeth won’t return to their misaligned state. Notably, you’ll need to wear it at night to ensure your teeth stay in the correct position.

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