This New Treatment Can Literally Wipe Away A Cavity

Imagine you are at the dentist and your hygienist notices a cavity. Rather than calling the dentist to pull out the drill, she simply swabs it away in just over a minute. One application and the problem is solved. Is this witchcraft?


It’s called Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), and Dr. Leslie Frese learned about it during her 2-years as a dentist in Cambodia. At the time, it was not approved by the FDA, but it has been used in Asia for over 80 years to hinder or stop cavities all together. Dr. Frese has brought this treatment into her office to provide a trauma-free and inexpensive way to stop or delay cavities in children, and those who might not be tolerant of the drill.

SDF is composed of 25% silver, 8% ammonia, 5% fluoride, and 62% water. This solution kills microbes and hardens damaged tooth structure. It is best for baby teeth, and those hard to reach places, such as the surrounding area of a crown.

The treatment is painless, and quick, with only the disadvantage of leaving a permanent brown-black stain on the demineralized tooth structure. Stains can be covered or lightened if necessary.

For much less than the cost of a filling, a cavity can be arrested permanently. There is no need to receive an injection or drill points, and this treatment can be applied by the hygenist without calling the dentist in the next room. If you fear a painful visit to the dentist, you may discover there is another way to take care of that cavity.

Not all cavities can be treated with this method, but the dentist will be happy to do an evaluation. This could be the silver bullet you were looking for!