We are Open + Our New COVID-19 Protocols

We’re Back!

We have officially been open for a month and a half after the covid shutdown. We are all grateful to be back seeing patients, and it almost makes up for the extra layers of gowns, masks, and face shields we must tolerate now! Our office has some new procedures we are following to ensure the safety of our patients, such as screening our patients and checking temperatures before you enter the building.


New Protocols

We ask our patients to call us when they arrive so we can escort you directly to your private room, which allows us to follow social distancing covid guidelines. We are asking all of our patients to pre-rinse with an anti-viral mouthwash before any treatment begins. Our staff is also utilizing increased amounts of personal protective equipment to ensure our safety, and eliminate the spread of the covid virus.

Hope To See You Soon!

These protocols may sound like a lot of extra work, but we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent care in whatever environment we are in, and so this is what our new normal looks like for now. We appreciate your patience with us as we navigate the increased time these protocols require. Let me assure you that while these might easily sound like complaints, we are more than happy to comply and are grateful to have our jobs back and be able to serve you. We hope to see you soon!