White Spots on Teeth: Causes, Treatment, and Protection

White spots on teeth, also known as decalcification, are a common oral health issue. They can occur due to insufficient enamel, tartar, plaque build-up, and other factors. White spots on the teeth, if not treated, can lead to more serious oral health problems such as tooth loss, cavities, gum disease, and gum recession.

In this blog post, your expert team at Iron City Dentistry will highlight everything you need to know about decalcification. This includes causes, treatment, and protection. If you have noticed any white spots on your teeth, schedule an appointment with our team in Birmingham, AL, today.

Common Causes

When the tooth’s enamel starts to decompose (as a result of plaque), white spots can begin to appear on the teeth. There are a number of causes for this.

One of these is diet. A person who consumes highly acidic foods and drinks is more likely to suffer decalcification. Other diet-related causes include insufficient calcium and phosphorous intake.

Other causes include plaque accumulation, braces (which may make cleaning teeth more difficult), enamel hypoplasia, fluorosis, and sleeping with one’s mouth open.

Treatment Options

Once white spots on the teeth have appeared, only dental treatment can remove them. One option is microabrasion, which removes a layer of enamel from the surface of the tooth. This improves the appearance of teeth and removes white spots.

Bleaching, a tooth-whitening procedure, works to balance the color of the tooth’s enamel. This procedure lightens the entire tooth, meaning that it will match the color of the white spots.

Dental veneers are another option. Veneers are thin, tooth-like wafers that are permanently bonded to the surface of a tooth in order to improve its appearance (including color and shape).

Dental composite fillings are an option if the white spot is smaller in nature and the filling can be blended in with the surrounding tooth structure.

Prevention Tips

White Spots on Teeth

The best way to prevent white spots on the teeth is to follow a good oral hygiene routine. This includes the following:

  • Proper brushing twice daily
  • Smart dietary choices
  • Using toothpaste with fluoride
  • Taking calcium supplements
  • Flossing daily

Regular dental checkups will help to keep your teeth and overall oral health in good condition. Depending on a person’s oral health, twice-yearly visits to the dentist are typically recommended.

Understanding White Spots on the Teeth

To summarize, white spots on the teeth can be caused by a range of factors. These include tartar or plaque buildup and diet. If you notice decalcification on your teeth, it is important to visit your dentist for treatment. There are also a number of at-home steps you can take to prevent decalcification.

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